[Announcing] Our New Facebook Page Name


Dear all X3English’s friends,

Thank you so much for supporting us since 2016. With great gratitude and excitement, we would like to announce the new name for our Facebook Page. The original name was “X3English – Speaking English Like A Native” will be adjusted to  “Eng Breaking – Speaking English Like A Native”. This is one of our initial actions to approach global audiences. It is thanks to you and all our friends that our mission is underway to help 1 million people in the world master the usage of English.

If you may notice, the new name “Eng Breaking”, is one of our most successful and well-known programs both locally and internationally. Thus, We want to utilize the reputation of Eng Breaking, to spread out our words, to thought-leader around the world, and to whom still struggle to find an efficient way to improve English.

We invite you to follow the Eng Breaking Facebook Page, to join and support our meaningful mission. Together, we can guide society to be more conscious about learning English, and how they can change their lives accordingly.

We thank you again for all your support and sharing.

With our warm regards,

Nam Nguyen