How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Learning English


Everyone has aspired to attain something — to achieve a goal and to reach a dream. However, we often find it very trying to pursue them.

Most often than not, we hear people say, “I struggle with mental endurance. I get started but I can’t seem to follow through and stay focused for very long.” Others even say, “I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.”

And, as much as we try to deny it, those words spur guilt inside our chests. Take me for example, I would oftentimes encourage myself on working on a project. First, I would begin with investing some time on it but eventually lose interest. Shortly after that, I would proceed on pursuing a new goal and give up on it midway.

It seems that the only thing I can hold on to is my dwindling interest on task completion. The cycle of starting anew, making little progress, and not finishing is endless and apparently, my loyalty as well as my motivation to get to the finish line is as fleeting as the wind.

I may not know about you, but maybe you have felt this too.

Thinking about all this reminds me of moments when I first gave the English language a chance. Before I get to that, I have here my research compilation of science-backed ways to stick to good habits and eliminate procrastination.

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If Others Can, Why Can’t I

So the story obviously begins with me.

As a non-English speaker, it is vital for me to learn the language. English is somehow easy to learn but the task of doing so is tiring and definitely not my type. However, learning it will put me at a very good position. I could definitely use it to my advantage in travelling, communicating, and of course other personal needs. While weighing the benefits and costs, especially time and effort on my part, something dawned on me.

Why are there so many people in this world that are multi lingual? I can’t help but feel a little jealous, a tad bit insecure, and stupid for that matter.

As much as everyone else, I have always been curious why others are better than the rest. Questions such as, “Why are they so successful?”, “What can they do that I can’t?” and more importantly, “What makes them so special?”

To answer my own query, I had thought of several answers. I told myself that maybe because they’re just very smart. Maybe it runs in their blood or they simply had the privilege and advantage of being exposed to English early.

I was about to give up on learning English then and there because why should I bother. Others will be better than me, and learning verbs, nouns, and the like is but the most boring thing in the world. I’ll simply stick with what I have.

One day, miraculously and coincidentally, I had chanced upon an article written by a Filipina who had English as a second language. It gave me the hope I was waiting for. The motivation that would push me to continue.

The article tackled the hardships of learning English. It included facts about why some people give up while some continue to carry on. People who carry on can deal with the boredom that comes with the boundless repetition of teaching themselves the same things every day.

stay focused

Translation, repetition, definition, all the -nitions you can think of.

Today you learn what highfalutin means. Tomorrow you remind yourself what highfalutin means. Next week might be the same, so might next month and on and on this goes until you finally know what highfalutin means. Boundless. Infinite. Definitely boring. Stress at its finest.

However, people who had gone through the hardships of learning how to use verbs, nouns, and adjectives strive with it. They learn and they go on and they pursue their goals no matter the boredom and the presence of words as highfalutin as highfalutin. They strive and they are rewarded with guaranteed success.

A lot of people have been victims of boredom and insecurities. They begin with words such as motivation and incentive, and hype themselves up but eventually give in to the thoughts of unsuccessfulness that even their passions cannot encourage them to go on.

Human as we are, we indulge ourselves on self-deprecation. We make ourselves believe that we do not possess the superhuman will and the everlasting motivation to pursue our endeavours. We easily give in to depression and self-pity.

…these are the exact thoughts and ideas that once brought me down but look at me now. Writing an article that is in English all throughout.

We are all human beings and we are all equally blessed.

We may perceive ourselves as lower or less talented but that is not the truth. The problem and the only hindrance to our successes are our very own selves. We let our emotions get the best of us and that is what makes us different from those top performers. Unlike us, they do their best despite the odds and they get rewarded with a check on their goals.

Those on top? They embrace their tasks, swim through the mush of boredom and reluctance, and reach their finish lines.

That is what makes them so special.

Failure Is Easy And So Is Giving Up

The most common driving force that pushes people to work hard is motivation.

Back in the day when I was an athlete, I used to love going to post-win practices. Not just simply because of that gloating feeling but also because of the positive and joyful vibe my teammates and coaches exude. The feeling of invincibility and capableness overwhelms me and gives me the idea that I can do everything.

Same goes for my business affairs. When dealings are at their best and costumers keep coming in, working is not as difficult and tiresome. Work is light when everything is well. It is true that success propels people forward and motivates them to incomprehensible levels.

stay focused

While writing this, I am motivated by the idea of a good feedback. Words are flowing and my mind is clear.

But what happens when I encounter a road block, an obstacle along the way? What happens then when things go topsy turvy? What if your goals as well as your hopes and dreams go down the drain? Are you willing to go on? Or is giving up the only way out of the misery that tangles itself with failure?

Surely, pushing through despite the odds not being in your favor makes all the difference.

Respect the Process

It may not seem like it but in whatever you do, the way you achieve your tasks is as important as the result.

Most often than not, we choose to disregard the thought of the process and focus all our energy on the result. We dwell on the event of achievement that when we go through the process, we realize that we cannot make it. Although focusing on the endpoint is vital for motivation, it disables us to properly prepare for the hardships of getting there.

Taking one step at a time is more important that taking a huge leap into uncertainty. We must try our best to conquer the week not by day, but by every single millisecond that passes by.

If you have noticed, most successful people and those who consistently achieve their goals are those people who commit to the process. Their goals are not wholly driven by the end result but by their love for the process of achieving it. If you think about it, it is the process that makes the result so rewarding.

For example, authors whose books sold best would not be as happy with their best-selling novels if the results did not equal or exceed the efforts they put into it. They fell in love with the process of writing and that did not go unnoticed.

Businessmen whose names are scattered all along the pages of Forbes magazine are not there because they predicted they will be. They are there because they worked hard and their hard work paid off. They fell in love with the process of marketing and that put them on top.

Lastly, when you simply want to be significantly better at something, then falling in love with the process of doing it is the key to achieve it. Giving yourself the chance to exert effort and be acknowledged for it is the best way for you to truly feel the genuineness of success. You will not go far if you merely dream your goals away.

stay focused

Simply put, respecting the process is key to success. It’s time for you to fall in love with the boredom, the repetition, and the hard work.




Things that will propel you to achieve what you once deemed impossible. All it takes is one certain and successful step at a time and crossing that bridge when you get there.

In writing this, I have learned to love the process of learning English.

I have progressed.

One word at a time.

I have crossed this bridge.


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