Perfect Your English Speaking Skills with “Rapid Response” Technique


Today, we’d like to tell you a special secret, and after you hear it, you’ll soon be speaking fluent English like a native. This revolutionary secret is called the “Rapid Response Technique”. What is this exciting new technique, you may ask, and how can I access it ASAP?!

With our “Rapid Response Technique”, you’ll enjoy the golden opportunity to speak English with native speakers–anytime and anywhere you want.

Let me ask you a simple question: Do you feel like you’ve studied English for years, but you still can’t speak English naturally and confidently?

The most effective way to communicate better in English is to practice with native speakers every day, or live in an environment where English is regularly used.

But we all know that finding native English speakers willing and available to talk to you every day is a hard nut to crack, especially if you aren’t living in an English-speaking country.

Before talking about this tremendous technique, we’ll show you our students’ impressive results.

Check out the changes of our students after only 3 months using the Rapid Response Technique.

Rapid Response technique

And here’s another of our satisfied students.

Rapid Response technique

Do you want more testimonials on our terrific technique? Here goes!

Rapid Response technique

If you make a special effort, you too can achieve it for sure!

Dear Mr. Mike,

This is the most wonderful method I’ve ever experienced! After learning English with Rapid Response for 3 only weeks, I find my English has improved tremendously.

I was so happy to share this technique with my friends because I know the it can help so many people like me. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand the method at first and that it was nonsense and couldn’t be applied. They thought that studying English at offline English centers didn’t work, much less self-study at home.

I really feel sorry for them because I’m truly interested in learning to speak English with the Rapid Response Technique and excited about my improvement. I hope you can persuade them to understand and use the method for their self-study plans to make real breakthroughs in learning English the same as me!

Many thanks,

Maybe, you wonder:

How could students use this technique to master Spoken English after only 3 months?

Here’s how you can do it!

Let’s have a look at 4 steps that comprise the Rapid Response Technique:

Step 1: Employ the Deep Listening Technique to understand the audio

Step 2: Practice short answers

Step 3: Understand all questions and sample answers

Step 4: Practice the Rapid Response Technique

Now, let’s share the step-by-step guide to applying the technique. I’m using Lesson 1 of Eng Breaking to offer you the best materials to get top results when applying the technique.

Step 1: Employ The Deep Listening Technique to Understand the Audio

1. Use the X3 English audio, especially designed for the Rapid Response Technique:

  • In the audio, there’s a 6–second silence for the listener to answer after each question, and then comes the sample answer.
  • Each audio is equipped with transcripts.

2. Use the Deep Listening technique to fully understand the audio.

Point of View – Present Tense Story – Slow Speed

Point of View – Present Tense Story – Native Speed


Introducing Yourself - Story

Step 2: Practice Short Answers

  • First, listen to the questions.
  • Immediately give a short answer of 1-2 words to fill the 6-second silence.

For example, the information given is: Is she an Australian?

The short answer is: No.

  • Listen or catch up to the sample answer.
  • Practice 2-3 times for each question.
  • Don’t pause the audio at this moment.


Step 3: Understand All Questions and Sample Answers

  • Listen and use the transcripts to follow the audio
  • Use dictionaries or the translation, if necessary, to fully understand all questions and sample answers.


Introducing Yourself - Q&A

Step 4: Practice The Rapid Response Technique

  • Listen to the question and immediately answer (like Step 2).
  • Try to give long answers (similar to the samples).
  • Practice until you can easily and quickly answer all the questions.
  • You may pause the audio if necessary, but don’t worry too much about grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation at this point. The aim is to give the fastest answers.

Practice speaking English with The Rapid Response Technique:

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that: Rapid Response is a fantastic technique to practice communicating in English every day. Even if you have the chance to talk to native English speakers every day, it’s not clear that you can receive the support the Rapid Response Technique offers.

Hold your horses!

To practice communicating automatically every day, you need special material that can solve this particular problem. It’s difficult to find the material to support the Rapid Response Technique on the Internet. But don’t worry, we can help you work it out.

Eng Breaking – An ultimate program for ESL beginners. It’s based on 3 main techniques: Deep Listening, the Catching Up and Rapid Response Techniques.

Don’t waste another moment to improve your English skills with us, and our tremendous techniques. You’ll never regret it!

Check out Eng Breaking RIGHT NOW!


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